Maria Hawkins
Maria Hawkins

"Described as Ottawa’s Treasure, the Blues singer who has worked tirelessly preforming on stage and in schools for the last 30 years could finally be on the brink of something big.  And I mean BIG.    The Ellen Degeneres show has Maria in its sights." read more from Carol Anne Meehan's Blog ...

Maria Hawkins
Maria Hawkins Band RBC Bluesfest
RBC Bluesfest 2013

The Maria Hawkins Band are seasoned players who enjoy creating a unique musical experience combining Roots, Blues, R&B and Funk. Maria is a great performer...radiating energy and confidence with songs that are sometimes funny and always heartfelt. The band offer up great melody lines, cool guitar licks on top of a masterful rhythm section and Maria's golden vocals deliver the songs with an energy that resonates with all ages.

You don't just hear Maria Hawkins, you experience Maria Hawkins. Her background from early Royal Conservatory training, to now, is a hard fought and life long dream. Highlights of her 30 year professional career include: opening for Colin James and performing with Amanda Marshall and co-creating Blues in the Schools (2002 Keeping the Blues Alive Award).

She's a gem with a dream to pull together all of her song co-writes with others into one album of original material. This album is long-overdue. 

and includes audience favourites like the… moving and groovin' songs "Dance" and "Sexy Thang", as well as the heartfelt "Don't Say it's Over" co-writen with Greg. "The Garden Still Grow" along with her funny and sassy other favourite co-write with Michael Thibeault, "Bike Between my Knees". Co-writes with Bob Corson the every sexy "Dance", Gospel powerhouse "I Believe in You" and the swinging' "Gypsy Jazz". Maria and her co-writers offer a plethora of new song choices to check out.

Maria Hawkins award
"Maria, has been a vital element in the Ottawa Valley music scene for several decades and has travelled across Canada on behalf of school boards, government organizations, church groups, Early Childhood Development Workers, Teachers Federations, the CWL and many more organizations to deliver confidence-building messages. She has been highly honored over the years, receiving awards such as a “Women of Distinction Award”,  recognition for “Breast Cancer Action” and most recently the “Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal”  for her community work." Photograph courtesy of Kate Morgan

Interview-2014 Ottawa Citizen This is a capture of my interview with cool music entertainment reporter and commentator  - Lynn Saxberg on location at the RBC Bluesfest. 

Jan 4/2014 my favorite original  -  Drivin' in My Car - is an original song about  Bob Marley saving me, in a landslide in Kicking Horse Pass, Canada.  I was with my son on our last mother/son road trip (he was turning 22 at the time)  Of course Bob Marley was on the radio and not physically in the car with'll have to hear the song to know the story.  I really enjoy song writing with many great Canadian and international musicians. I'm looking forward to sharing that with you on my upcoming album!
Maria Hawkins
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